Showalter, Anthony J.

1858 - 1924

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Hymnals Edited:

Class, Choir And Congregation: For Singing Schools, Conventions, Normal Schools, Sunday Schools, Chorus Choirs and Congregations; Author: A J Showalter; Publisher: A J Showalter; Date: 1888.
Song-land Messenger Complete: A new song book for revivals, praise and prayer meetings, singing and Sunday schools, and churches, and for the home circle; Authors:H. N. Lincoln, A. J. Showalter; Publisher: Dallas : Showalter-Lincoln Co. ; Dalton, Ga. : A. J. Showalter Co.; Date: 1894.
Praise And Rejoicing: Authors: Showalter, A. J; Hugg, George C; Hood, John J; Publisher: Dalton, Ga. : A.J. Showalter Co.; Date: 1904.
The Best Gospel Songs And Their Composers: Author: Showalter, A. J; Publisher: Dalton, Ga.: A.J. Showalter Co.; Date: 1904.

Site Hymns

Jesus Calls
Lyricist: Unknown / Arrnager: Showalter, A. J.
Jesus Knocks At Thy Heart
Lyricist: Showalter, A. J. / Arranger: Showalter, A. J.