Meredith, Isaac H.

1872 - 1962

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Hymnals Edited:

Sermons In Song No. 2: Edotor: Grant Culfax Tullar; Publisher: Tullar-Meredith Co.; Date: 1899
Sermons In Song No. 3: Editors: Grant Colfax Tullar, Isaac H. Meredith; Publisher: Tullar-Meredith company; Date: 1901
Sunday School Hymns, Issue 1 - Publisher: Tullar-Meredith Co., 1903
Children's Praise: Authors: Isaac H. Meredith, Isaac Hickman, Tullar, Grant Colfax, C. C. Ackley; Publisher: Tullar - Meredith Company; Date: 1905
The Bible School Hymnal: Authors: Meredith, Isaac H. (Isaac Hickman), 1872-1962; Tullar, Grant Colfax Publisher: Tullar - Meredith Company; Date: 1907.
Manly Songs For Christian Men: a collection of sacred songs adapted to the needs of male singers, for use in adult Bible classes, Y.M.C.A. meetings and all gatherings of men for religious work and worship. Publisher Tullar-Meredith, 1910
Sunday School Melodies: a collection of new and standard hymns for the Sunday school. Publisher Tullar-Meredith Co., 1914
The Junior Song And Service Book For Sunday Schools and Young People's Societies: Editors: I.H. Meredith and Grant Colfax Tullar; Publusher: Tullar - Meradith; Date: 1922

Site Hymns:

Jesus Is Living With Me
Lyricist: Moyer / Arranger: Meredith