Lorenz, E. S.

Hymnals Edited:

The Master's Call: A collection of new songs and standard hymns for the use of Sunday-schools, young people's societies, devotional meetings, etc.; Authors: Marks, William Edie; McPhail, M. L; Tenney, J. H.; Gabriel, Chas. H.; Lorenz, Edmund S.; Publisher: Lorenz & Co.; Date: 1901.

Site Hymns:

Lyrics: Phil. 4:7 / Arranger: Lorenz
Come To The Cross
Lyricist: Martin, J. H. / Arranger: Lorenz
Jesus Remembers You
Lyricist: Morton / Arranger: Lorenz
Labor On
Lyricist: Mund / Arranger: Lorenz
The Wonderful Blood
Lyricist: Lorenz / Arrnager: Lorenz