Hugg, George C.

1848 - 1907

Biographical Information:

Hymnals Authored:

The Temperance Light: A new collection of Gospel temperance hymns and sacred songs - Author: George C. Hugg Published: 1880.
Golden Rays: a collection of new Gospel songs, for the Sunday-school and sanctuary. Authors: George C. Hugg, Frank L. Armstrong. Publisher: Hugg & Armstrong, 1882.
On Wings of Song: for revival meetings, endeavor societies, Epworth Leagues ... By George C. Hugg; Date 1896.
Light in the Valley: a new work of great merit for the Sunday school ... By George C. Hugg; Date 1898.
Corn in Egypt: a new book of wonderful merit for the Sunday-school, revivals, Christian endeavor, Epworth League, young people's society, and evangel; Author: Hugg, George C.; Publisher: George C. Hugg; Date: 1900.
Fairer Than Day: For Sunday school and revival work; Author: George C. Hugg; Publisher: Philadelphia : G. C. Hugg; Date: 1903.
Praise And Rejoicing: Authors: Showalter, A. J; Hugg, George C; Hood, John J; Publisher: Dalton, Ga. : A.J. Showalter Co.; Date: 1904.

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