Excell, Edwin Othello

Hymnals Edited:

Excell's Anthems for the Choir: Consisting of Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartettes, Choruses, Etc., Etc, Author:Edwin Othello Excell; Publisher: E. O. Excell, Date: 1888.
Triumphant Songs, no. 1-, Issue 5 - Author - Edwin Othello Excell - Published: 1896
Praises By E O Excell; Date: 1905
Joy to the World: for the church and Sunday school By Edwin Othello Excell; Date: 1915
Eternal Praise for the church and Sunday school; Authors: Marion Lawrance; E. O. Excell; Date: 1917
Hymns and Sacred Songs By Edwin Othello Excell; Date: 1918
Songs of Salvation and Service: a collection of Gospel hymns for Sunday Schools, Young People's Societies, revivals, devotional meetings and the home. Author:Edwin Othello Excell. Compiled by: M. Homer Cummings, Millard F. Compton, L. B. Bowers. Publisher: M. Homer Cummings, Date: 1920

Site Hymns:

Amazing Grace - Arr. Excell
Lyricist: Newton / Arranger: McIntosh & Excell
Teach Me Thy Will O Lord
Lyricist: Grimes, Katharine A. / Arranger: Excell, E. O.
We Shall Stand Before The King - (Arranged)
Lyricist: Excell, E. O. / Arranger: Excell, E. O.