Complete Public Domain Hymn List


A Better Day Coming
Lyricist: Davis, Grace W. / Arranger: Davis, Grace W.
A Friend Indeed
Lyricist: MacKay / Arranger: Sweney
A Home Forever There
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Danks
A Home On High
Lyricist: Neal / Arranger: Neal
A Joy In My Heart
Lyricist: Purvis / Arranger: Black
A Soldier Of The Cross
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Sankey
Abide With Me - (Dietrick / Pollock)
Lyricist: Dietrick / Arranger: Pollock
Abide With Me - (Gould / Sweney)
Lyricist: Gould / Arranger: Sweney
Abide With Me - Chant (Lyte / Troyte)
Lyricist: Lyte / Arranger: Troyte
Able To Deliver
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey
All Glory Be Thine
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sweney
All Glory Laud And Honor
Lyricist: Theodulph / Arranger: Teschner
All Glory To Thee
Lyricist: Turner / Arranger: Kurzenknabe
All My Journey
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Danks
All The Way My Savior Leads Me
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Lowry, Robert
Almighty King! Whose Wondrous Hand
Lyricist: Cowper / Arranger: Smith, B.
Always With Us
Lyrics: Nevin / Arranger: O'Kane
Amazing Grace- arr. Excell
Lyricist: Newton / Arranger: McIntosh & Excell
Lyricist: Brooks / Arranger: Warren
And Can It Be That I Should Gain
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: Campbell
Are You Laying Up Your Treasure?
Lyricist: Johnston / Arranger: Towner
Are You Washed In The Blood?
Lyricist: Hoffman, Elisha A. / Arranger: Hoffman, Elisha A.
Arise And Shine
Lyricist: Breck / Arranger: Towner
Asking Thy Care
Lyricist: Sanders / Arranger: Hodges
At The Door
Lyricist: Bailey / Arranger: Lowry


Be Slow To Speak
Lyricist: Ulmer / Arranger: McPhail
Be Still
Lyricist: Ulmer, Kate / Arranger: Ackley, Charles C.
Be Thou Exalted
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Farris
Be Thou Faithful Unto Death - Kurzenknabe
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe / Arranger: Kurzenknabe
Be Thou Faithful Unto Death - Melott
Lyricist: Anon. / Arranger: Melott
Be Ye Doers Of The Word
Lyricist: Seibert / Arranger: McPhail
Beautiful City Of Gold
Lyricist: McHose / Arranger: McHose
Beautiful Home
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Because I Love Jesus
Lyricist: Rowe / Arranger: Gabriel
Before The Throne
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sweney
Behold The Saviour
Lyricist: Cleator / Arranger: Lehman, R. F.
Behold, What Love
Lyricist: Anonymous / Arranger: McGranaham, J.
Believe And Obey
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey
Lyrics: Phil. 4:7 / Arranger: Lorenz
Bless Me Now
Lyricist: Clark, A. / Arranger: Lowry
Blessed Are The Undefiled In Heart
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Mason
Blessed Assurance
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Knapp, Phoebe P.
Blessed Communion
Lyricist: Winslow, Burton H. / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
Blessed Rock
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Main
Breathe On Me Breath Of God
Lyricist: Hatch / Arranger: Rees


Can You Stand For God
Lyricist: Hastings, H. L. / Arranger: Davis, F. M.
Carry It All To Jesus
Lyricist: Zelley / Arranger: McPhail
Christ The Light
Lyricist: Pierson / Arranger: Towner
City Of Gold
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Doane
Cleanse Thou Me
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Davis, Frank M.
Cleft For Me
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: O'Kane
Cling To Jesus Alone
Lyricist: Bills / Arranger: McPhail
Close To Thee
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Vail
Closer Draw Me
Lyricist: Ulmer / Arranger: Gabriel
Closer To Jesus
Lyricist: McDaniel, R. H. / Arranger: Gabriel, C. H.
Closer To Thee Blessed Saviour
Lyrics: Kurzenknabe. J. H. / Arranger: Chambers
Come, And Sin No More
Lyricist: Tullar, G. C. / Arranager: Tullar, G. C.
Come And Walk With Jesus
Lyricist: Frisbie / Arranager: Bilhorn
Come, Come To Jesus
Lyricist: Peck / Arranger: Main
Come In Thy Love To Me
Lyricist: Reed / Arranger: Fithian
Come Just As You Are
Lyricist: Hoffman / Arranger: Showalter
Come, Prodigal, Come
Lyricist: Ogden / Arranger: Ogden
Come, Sound His Praise Abroad
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Smith
Come To Christ To-Day
Lyricist: Bennett / Arranger: Bennett
Come To The Cross
Lyricist: Martin, J. H. / Arranger: Lorenz
Come To The Living Waters
Lyricist: Alleman / Arranger: Alleman
Come Unto Me
Lyricist: Ashbach / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, H. J.
Committed To Jesus- Arranged
Lyrics: Johnson / Arranger: Bryant
Count Thy Mercies
Lyricist: Hoffman / Arranger: Hoffman


Dare To Stand Like Joshua
Lyricist: Robinson, C. M. / Arranger: Bilhorn
Day By Day
Lyricist: Sandell-Berg / Arranger: Ahnfelt
Dear Jesus, Canst Thou Help Me
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Do You Love The World?
Lyricist: Hunter / Arranger: Warren
Draw Me Near To Thee
Lyricist: Reed / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Draw Me Still Closer
Lyricist: Davis, F. M. / Arranger: Davis, F. M.
Dwell In Me O Blessed Spirit
Lyricist: langton / Arranger: Berky


Endless Praise
Lyricist: Fletcher / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Lyricist: Thompson / Arranger: Thompson
Ever Near - Kurzenknabe
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Ever Near - Lowry
Lyricist: Hastings / Arranger: Lowry
Ever Will I Pray
Lyricist: Cummings / Arranger: Tenney
Exalt The Lord His Praise Proclaim
Lyricist: The Psalter, 1912 / Arranger: Haydn


Faith Of Our Fathers
Lyricist: Faber / Arranger: Hemy
Father To Thee
Lyricist: Stacy / Arranger: Sellers
Follow In The Steps Of Jesus
Lyricist: Ulmer / Arranger: McPhail
Following Him
Lyricist: Filmore / Arranger: Filmore
For He Careth For You
Lyricist: Bengle / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
For What His Love Denies
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Main
For You And Me
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. A.
Forever Blessed Be The Lord
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Barby
Forever With The Lord!
Lyricist: Luckenbach / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Forth In Thy Name O Lord I Go
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: Oliver
From All Who Dwell Below The Skies
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
From Every Stormy Wind That Blows
Lyricist: Stowell / Arranger: Hastings
Fullness Of Joy
Lyricist: Herr / Arranger: McPhail


Give Me Jesus
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sweney
Give Me Thy Love, Dear Saviour
Lyricist: Reed / Arranger: J. H. Kurzenknabe
Give To God The Glory
Lyricist: Macartney / Arranger: Smith, H. E.
Glory To God, Hallelujah!
Lyricist: Crosby / Kirkpatrick, W. J.
Glory To The Bleeding Lamb
Lyricist: Breck, C. E. / Arranger: Tullar, G. C.
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Lyricist: Rankin, J. E. / Arranger: Tomar, W. G.
God Is Faithful
Lyricist: Hewitt / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
God Is Love
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
God Is Present Everywhere
Lyricist: Anon. / Arranger: Handel
God Knows Thy Need
Lyricist: Anon. / Arranger: Gabriel
God Of Eternity
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: I. A. Sankey
God The Father Almighty - Croft
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Croft
God The Father Almighty - Willcox
Lyricist: Anon. / Arranger: Willcox
God Will Take Of Me
Lyricist: Hewitt, E. E. / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
God Will Take Care Of You - Crosby
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey
God Will Take Care of you - Martin
Lyrics: Martin, C. D. / Arranger: Martin, W. S.
Good News
Lyricist: Edmund / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Great Is His Mercy
Lyricist: Frazer / Arranger: Sankey, I. A.
Guide Me, O My Saviour, Guide Me
Lyricist: Bourne / Arranger: Bixby


Hallelujah And Praise
Lyricist: Crosby, F. J. / Arranger: Gabriel, C. H.
Hallelujah Praise Jehovah
Lyricist: Psalm 148 / Arranger: McGranahan, H. H.
Hast Thou Heard Of Jesus?
Lyricist: Ellsworth, Mrs. E. C. / Arranger: Tenney, J. H.
He Brings Me Peace
Lyricist: Wadsworth / Arranger: Black
He Is So Precious To Me
Lyricist: Gabriel / Arranger: Gabriel
He Knows
Lyricist: Elliott / Arranger: Hunter
He Leadeth Me
Lyricist: Woolston / Arranger: Woolston
He Leadeth My Soul
Lyricist: Psalm 23; arr. Tullar / Arranger: Tullar
He Redeemed Me
Lyricist: Avis / Arranger: Avis
He Saves
Lyricist: Davis, Frank M. / Arranger: Avis, Edward C.
He Wept For Me
Lyricist: Beddome / Arranger: Armen
He Will Keep Me
Lyricist: Ulmer / Arranger: McPhail
Hear Me, Blessed Jesus
Lyricist: Anon. / Arranger: Burke
Hear The Call For Reapers
Lyricist: Martin / Arranger: Bilhorn
Lyricist: Anonymous / Arranger: O'Kane, T. C.
Higher Ground
Lyricist: Oatman, Jr., Johnson / Arranger: Gabriel, Charles H.
His Love Is Far Better Than Gold
Lyricist: Ackley / Arranger: Ackley
His Love Is Over All
Lyricist: De Armond / Arranger: Geibel
His Way is Best
Lyricist: Seibert / Arranger: McPhail
Holy Is The Lord
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Bradbury
Lyricist: Griffin / Arranger: Penn
Home Of The Soul
Lyricist: Gates / Arranager: Funk
How Gentle God's Commands
Lyricist: Doddridge / Arranger: Nagali
How Many Are Your Works, Lord
Lyricist: Peterson / Arranger: Smart
How Precious The Promise
Lyricist: Sterling / Arranger: Sankey


I Am Sheltered In Thee
Lyricist: Davis / Arranger: Davis
I Am So Happy
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, John H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, John H.
I am Standing On The Word Of God
Lyricist: Wadsworth / Arranger: Towner
I Am Thine Own
Lyricist: Bradley / Arranger: Wright
I Am Trusting Thee Lord Jesus
Lyricist: Havergal / Arranger: Bullinger
I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say
Lyricist: Bonar / Arranger: Brunk
I Know He Is Mine
Lyricist: Bilhorn / Arranger: Bilhorn
I Know My Name Is There
Lyricist: Warner / Arranger: Warren
I Love Thee
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
I Need The Prayers
Lyricist: Vaughan / Arranger: Vaughan
I Sing The Mighty Power Of God
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: der Herzogl
I Think Of A Land
Lyricist: Davis, F. M. / Arranger: Davis, Frank M.
I Think When I Read That Sweet Story
Lyricist: Luke / Arranger: Bradbury
I Will Do What I Can
Lyricist: McLean / Arranger: Myers
I Will Give You Rest
Lyricist: Esling / Arranger: O'Kane
I Will Go
Lyricist: Burroughs / Arranger: Gilmour
I Will Praise Thee
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. A.
I Will Sing Of Him
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, M. D.
I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord
Lyricist: Ray / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
I Will Sing Of Thy Power
Lyrics: Reed, Ida L. / Arranger: Davis, Frank M.
I Will Sing Of Thy Redemption
Lyrics: Crosby / Arranger:Benke
I Will Tell Jesus
Lyricist: Bowdish, T. M. / Arranger: Bowdish, T. M.
I Will Trust In The Lord
Lyricist: Wisner / Arranger: Funk
I'll Be With Thee
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Ogden
I'll Be With Thee
Lyricist: Ulmer, Kate / Arranger: McPhail, M. L.
I'm A Poor Sinner
Lyricist: Habershon / Arranger: Harkness
I'm Redeemed
Lyricist: O'Kane / Arranger: O'Kane
In The Arms Of Jesus
Lyricist: Gardner / Arranger: Langley
In The Book Of Life
Lyricist: Edwards / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
In The Cleft Of The Rock Let Me Hide
Lyricist: Ashbach / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
In The Hollow Of His Hand
Lyricist: Kirkwood / Arranger: Stebbins
In The Master's Name
Lyricist: Barnes / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Into His Marvellous Light
Lyricist: Hewitt / Arranger: Sweney
Is It Not Wonderful?
Lyricist: Hoffman, Elisha A. / Arranger: Hoffman, Elisha A.
Is Your All On The Altar?
Lyricist: Hoffman, Elisha A. / Arranger: Hoffman, Elisha A.
It Is Thy Blood, My Jesus
Lyricist: Kean / Arranger: Gabriel
It Is Well With My Soul
Lyricist: Spafford, H. G. / Arranger: Bliss, P. P.
I've Found The Way
Lyricist: Harris, T. / Arranger: Harris, T.
Ivory Palaces
Lyricist: Barraclough, Henry / Arranger: Barraclough, Henry


Jesus At The Door
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Robertson
Jesus, Blessed Saviour
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Main
Jesus Calls
Lyricist: Unknown / Arranger: Showalter, A. J.
Jesus Calls Thee
Lyrics: Collins / Arranger: Doanne
Jesus, I Come To Thee
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
Jesus Is Living With Me
Lyricist: Moyer / Arranger: Meredith
Jesus Knocks At Thy Heart
Lyricist: Showalter, A. J. / Arranger: Showalter, A. J.
Jesus Lover Of My Soul
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: Anon.
Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
Lyricist: Collins, Henry / Arranger: Barnby, Joseph
Jesus My Refuge Eternal
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Jesus Near
Lyricist: Clark / Arranger: Fithian
Jesus, Our Wonderful Saviour
Lyricist: Reed / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Jesus Remembers You
Lyricist: Morton / Arranger: Lorenz
Jesus Shall Have It All
Lyricist: Hoffman, E. A. / Arranger: Hoffman, E. A.
Jesus, The Light Of The World
Lyricist: Robinson, F. S. / Arranger: Moore
Jesus Wept
Lyricist: Leinbach / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Jesus Will Bear Me O'er
Lyricist: Jones, L. E. / Arranger: Nickle
Just As I Am, O Lamb Of God
Lyricist: Hastings, H. L. / Arranger: Bixby, S. M.
Just When I Need Him Most
Lyricist: Poole / Arranger: Gabriel


Kept Through Faith
Lyrics: Martin, C. D. / Arranger: Gabriel, C. H.


Labor On
Lyricist: Mund / Arranger: Lorenz
Lamb Of God, My Savior Dear
Lyricist: Powley / Arranger: McPhail
Land Of Light
Lyricist: Stevenson / Arranger: Lowry
Land Of The Blessed
Lyricist: Miller, Emily H. / Arranger: O'Kane, T. C.
Lead Me
Lyricist: Emanuel / Arranger: Sankey, I. A.
Lead Me, O My Saviour, Lead Me
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Unseld
Lead Me On
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Parthemore
Let Me Cling To Thee
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Sweney, John R.
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Lyricist: O'Kane, T. C. / Arranger: O'Kane, T. C.
Let Others See Jesus In You
Lyricist: Hewitt / Emerson
Let The Light Shine Out
Lyricist: Blenkhorn / Arranger: Black
Let Us Be Lights
Lyricist: Gregory / Arranger: Gabriel
Let Us Build On The Rock
Lyricist: Davis / Arranger: Davis
Let Us Exalt The Lord
Lyricist: Barnes / Arranger: Sweney
Let Your Lamps Be Bright
Lyricist: Doddridge / Arranger: St. Alban's Tune Book
Lift Up Your Hearts To Things Above
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: Williams
Lift Your Light A Little Higher
Lyricist: Martin, Mrs. C. D. / Arranger: Martin, W. S.
Living For Christ
Lyricist: Loomis / Arranger: Pollock
Lo, He Is God Alone
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
Lord Behold Us With Thy Blessing
Lyricist: Buckoll / Arranger: Vinder
Lord How Thy Wonders Are Displayed
Lyricist: Watts /Arranger: Webbe
Lord I Bow At Thy Throne
Lyricist: Stevenson / Arranger: Lowry
Lord, We Come Before Thee Now
Lyricist: Hammond / Arranger: Bowman
Love Divine
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: O'Kane


Many Mansions Up There
Lyricist: Lehman, R. F. / Arranger: Lehman R. F.
Meet Me There
Lyricist: Blair / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, W. J.
Mercies Of The Lord
Lyricist: Wilson / Arranger: Avis
Mighty Deliv'rer
Lyrics: Shacklock, / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, W. J
More Faith In Thee
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Doane
More Like My Savior
Lyricist: Ackley, Charles C. / Arranger: Ackley, Charles C.
My God, How Endless Is Thy Love
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Schumann
My Greatest Desires
Lyricist: Zelly, Henry J. / Arranger: McPhail, M. L.
My Only Plea
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: O'Kane
My Presence Shall Go With thee
Lyricist: Ashbach / Arranger: Davis
My Saviour
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Doane
My Saviour First Of All
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sweney
My Saviour Hath Loved Me
Lyricist:Turner / Arranger: Kurzenknabe
My Shepherd Is The Lord Most High
Lyricist: Anon / Arranger: Taylor
My Saviour Is With Me
Lyricist: Blenkhorn / Arranger: Jackson & Black
My Soul Sings Hallelujah!
Lyricist: Bilhorn / Arranger: Bilhorn


Nearer, My God, To Thee
Lyricist: Adams, Sarah F. / Bickersteth, Jr., Edward H. / Arranger: Mason, Lowell
Nearer The Cross
Lyricist: Abbey / Arranger: Hall
Nearer To Thee
Lyricist: Clark, L / Arranger: Selle
No Night In Heaven
Lyricist: Gabriel, Charles H. / Arranger: Davis, Frank M.
No Other Name
Lyricist: Bliss, P. P. / Arranger: Bliss, P. P.
No Other Refuge
Lyricist: Garnett, Jennie / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
None But Christ Can Satisify
Lyricist: Bevan, Emma / Arranger: McGranahan, James
Not One Forgotten
Lyricist: Hewitt / Arranger: Gilmour


O Blessed Bible
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Davis
O Child Of God
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
O Christ, Our Immortality
Lyricist: Burroughs / Arranger: McPhail
O Glad And Glorious Gospel
Lyricist: Fraser / Arranger: McGranahan
O Gracious Father
Lyricist: Seibert / Arranger: McPhail
O How He Loves Me
Lyricist: Oatman, Jr., Johnson / Arranger: Gilmour, H. L.
O! How Sweet To Trust The Lord
Lyricist: Watkins / Arranger: Funk
O Lord, Abide With Me
Lyricist: Jones / Arranger: Bryant
O May Thy Word
Lyricist: Marsh / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
O My Dear Saviour! I Am Thy Debtor
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
O Prodigal Child, Come Home
Lyricist: Davis, Frank M. / Arranger: Babb, Edward M.
O Sing Of His Mighty Love
Lyricist: Bottome, F. / Arranger: Bradbury, W. B.
O Sing Of My Redeemer
Lyricist: Crosby, F. J. / Arranger: Stebbins, G. C.
O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus
Lyricist: Francis, S. Trevor / Arranger: Williams, Thomas, J.
O Thou Fount Of Every Blessing - (arr. Bixby)
Lyricist: Robinson, Robert / Arranger: Bixby, S. M.
O Wonderful Savior
Lyricist: Miller, E. F. / Arranger: Miller, E. F.
Oh, Live Thy Life In Me
Lyricist: Anderson / Arranger: Anderson
Oh, Wondrous Name!
Lyricist: Frances, V. / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
Oh! Word Of Words!
Lyricist: Sammis / Arranger: Towner
On The Rock
Lyricist: Jones, H. E. / Arranger: Towner
One By One
Lyricst: Bowdish, W. A. / Arranger: Bowdish, T.M.
One Sweetly Solemn Thought
Lyricist: Carey / Arranger: O'Kane
Open Wide The Door
Lyricist: Kitching / Arranger: Burk, J. H.
Our Glorious King
Lyricist: The Psalter, 1912 / Arranger: Sullivan
Our Great Saviour
Lyricist: Chapman, J. Wilbur / Arranger: Harkness, Robert
Our Risen King
Lyricist: Alleman, J. H. / Arranger: Alleman, J. H.
Over The Border Land
Lyricist: Alleman / Arranger: Alleman
Over Yonder
Lyricist: Harkness / Arranger: Harkness


"Passeth Understanding"
Lyricist: Hewitt, Eliza E. / Arranger: Hewitt, Eliza E
Lyricist: Corwin, Eli / Arranger: O'Kane, T. C.
Peace At The Cross
Lyricist: Lyon / Arranger: Lowry
Peace In Jesus
Lyricist: Kenyon, A. / Arranger : Lowry, R.
Praise His Name Forever
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
Praise The Lord - Fithian
Lyricist: Mackay / Arrnager: Fithian
Praise The Lord Jehovah's Name
Lyricist: Garnett / Arranger: Sweney
Praise The Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him - Smart
Lyricist: Osler / Arranger: Smart
Praise The Lord! Ye Heavens, Adore Him - Wilcox
Lyricist: Kempthorne / Arranger: Wilcox
Pray For One Another
Lyricist: Ulmer / Arranger: McPhail
Press Forward, O Soldiers
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.


Rejoice In The Lord - (Kurzenknabe)
Lyricist: Barnes / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, H. J.
Rejoice In The Lord - (O'Kane)
Lyricist: Davis, Frank M. / Arranger: O'Kane, T. C.
Rejoice, The Lord is King - (Darwall)
Lyricist: Wesley, charles / Arranger: Darwall, John
Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart
Lyricist: Plumptre / Arranger: Messiter
Rest By And By
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Clemm
Resting On My Saviour's Love
Lyricist: Hewitt / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Rock Of Ages
Lyricist: Toplady / Arranger: Bliss
Room In The Heart Of Jesus!
Lyricist: Comfort / Arranger: Towner


Safely Hide Me
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Saved Through The Blood
Lyricist: Muffitt / Arranger: Funk
Saved To Save Others
Lyricist: Kirkland / Arranger: Gabriel
Saviour, Again
Lyricist: Ellerton / Arranger: Hopkins
Saviour, Help Us
Lyricist: Hewett / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Saviour, Hide Me
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Doane
Saviour, We Come To Thee
Lyricist: Evilsizer / Arranger: Perry
Search The Scriptures
Lyricist: Wingate / Arranger: Towner
Seeking The Lost
Lyricist: Lee, J. A. / Arranger: Pollock, Charles E.
Send Me Light
Lyricist: Bonar / Arranger: Hugg
Send The Gospel Light - Avis
Lyricist: Avis / Arranger: Avis
Send The Gospel Light - Sankey, I. D.
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
Shall Angels Sing O'er You?
Lyrics: Martin, William C. / Arranger: McPhail, Matthew L.
Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
Lyricist: McDaniel, R. F. / Arranger: Gabriel, C. H.
Sing A New Song To Jehovah
Lyricist: Unknown / Arranger Haydn
Sing, My Soul!
Lyrics: Lankton / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Sing, O Sing The Love Of Jesus
Lyricist: Clifton / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
So Near To The Kingdom
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Lowry
Stand Firm, Be Not Afraid
Lyricist: Seibert / Arranger: McPhail
Steadfast Faith
Lyrics: Crosby / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
Step By Step
Lyricist: Ulmer / Arranger: McPhail
Such Is His Love To Me
Lyricist: Morris / Arranger: Harkness
Such Love Was Never Known
Lyricist: Martin, W. C. / Arranger: McPhail
Sweet Communion
Lyrics: Wray / Arranger: Robinson, Z. M.
Sweet Moments Of Prayer
Lyricist: Davis, Frank M. / Arranger: Davis, Frank M.
Sweet Rest
Lyricist: Bennett, S. Fillmore / Arranger: Davis, Frank M.
Sweet Resting By And By
Lyricist: Hoffman / Arranger: O'Kane
Sweet Story Of Jesus
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sweney
Sweet Will Of God
Lyricist: Kirkland, Flora / Arranger: McPhail, M. L.
Sweetest Praises
Lyricist: Ashbaugh / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. E.
Sweetest Praises We Will Sing
Lyricist: Parker / Arranger:Davis
Sweetly Resting
Lyricist: James / Arranger: Bently
Sweetly The Saviour
Lyricist: Edington / Arranger: Williams


Take My Heart, O Father!
Lyricist: Anon. / Arranger: Pollock
Take My Life, And Let It Be
Lyricist: Havergal, F. / Arranger: Strattner
Take Up Thy Cross
Lyricist: Everest / Arrnager: Hatton
Take Wings To Thy Soul
Lyricist: Hewitt, Eliza E. / Arranger: Gabriel, Charles H.
Teach Us Thy Will
Lyricist: King / Arranger: Funk
Teach Me Thy Will, O Lord
Lyricist: Grimes, Katharine A. / Arranger: Excell, Edwin O.
Tell Me Of Jesus
Lyricist: Hoffman, Elisha A. / Arranger: Hoffman, Elisha A.
Tenderly Calling
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey
That Beautiful Land
Lyricist: Engle / Arranger: Engle
That Home Above
Lyricist: Chadwick / Arranger: Davis
The Beautiful City Of God
Lyricist: McKee / Arranger: Geibel
The Beautiful Land On High
Lyricist: Nicholson / Arranger: Butcher
The Beautiful River
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
The Bible Stands
Lyricist: Lillenas / Arranger: Lillenas
The Blood Of My Redeemer
Lyricist: Blair / Arranger: Kirkpatrick
The Bright Forevermore
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Ogden
The City Of Gold
Lyricist: Davis / Arranger: Davis
The Cleansing Fountain
Lyricist: Dykes, R. A. / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
The Cleft Of The Rock
Lyricist: Good / Arranger: Good
The Cross
Lyricist: DeVenter, J. W. Van / Arranger: DeVenter, J. W. Van
The Cross And The Bible
Lyricist: Day / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, W. J.
The Glad New Song
Lyricist: Ashbaugh / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
The Gospel Call
Lyricist: Ogden / Arranger: Robertson, F. J.
The Holy Bible
Lyricist: Beery / Arranger: Bowdish, T. M.
The Judgment
Lyricist: Muffitt / Arranger: Funk
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is
Lyricist: Baker / Arranger: Dykes, J. B.
The Kingdom Of Song
Lyrics: Beery / Arranger: Bowdish, T. M.
The Lord Is My Light
Lyricist: Nicholson / Arranger: Bischoff
The Lord Is My Refuge
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
The Lord Is Thy Keeper
Lyricist: De Armond / Arranger: De Kovan
The Lord Of Glory
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Mosley
The Lord's My Shepherd
Lyricist: Psalm 23 / Arranger: Havergal, W. H.
The Love Of God - (Lehman)
Lyricist: Lehman, Frederick M. & Nehoral, Meir Ben Isaac / Arranger: Mays, Claudia
The Loving Voice
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Doane
The Master's Call
Lyricist: Crosby, F. J. / Arranger: Davis, F. M.
The New Song
Lyricist: Sammis / Arranger: Towner
The Pearl Of Greatest Price
Lyricist: Mason, J. / Arranger: Bliss, P. P.
The Pearly White City
Lyricist: Ingler, A.F. / Arranger: Ingler, A. F.
The Rock That Is Higher Than I
Lyricist: Burgess / Arranger: Burgess & Bilhorn
The Solid Rock
Lyricist: Mote, Edward / Arranger: Bradbury, William
The Story Must Be Told
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
The Story That Never Grows Old
Lyricist: Yates / Arranger: McPhail
The Sure Foundation
Lyricist: McCutcheon / Arranger: Chamberlin
The Sweetest Name
Lyricist: Naton / Arranger: Ellenberger
The Voice Of Jesus
Lyricist: Bonar / Arranger: O'Kane
The Wonderful Blood
Lyricist: Lorenz / Arrnager: Lorenz
The Wonderful Story
Lyricist: Gabriel / Arranger: Gabriel
The Word Of Life
Lyricist: King / Arranger: Funk
The Word Of Promise
Lyricist: Beery, A. H. / Arranger: Bowdish, T. M.
There Is Always Time For Prayer
Lyricist: Kinney / Arranger: Billhorn
There Is Cleansing In The Precious Blood
Lyricist: Naylor / Black, J. M.
There Is Joy In My Soul
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. A.
There Is Pardon Free
Lyricist: Webster / Arranger: Webster
There's A Beautiful Home
Lyricist: Parthemore / Arranger: Parthemore
There's A Better Day
Lyricist: Avis / Arranger: Avis
There's No Disappointment In Heaven
Lyricist: Lehman / Arranger: Mays
There's Room For All
Lyricist: Miller, Laura / Arranger: Sweney, John R.
They Who Seek The Throne Of Grace
Lyricist: Holden / Arranger: Pleyel
Thou Knowest
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
Though I Walk Through Death's Dark Valley
Lyricist: Reed / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, G. J.
Thy Hand Upholdeth Me
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
Thy Word Is A Lamp
Lyricist: Frances, G. J. / Arranger: Main
'Tis Finished!, So The Saviour Cried
Lyricist: Stennett / Arranger: Dykes, J. B.
'Tis Found Alone In Prayer
Lyricist: Davis, Frank M. / Arranger: Davis, Frank M.
'Tis God The Spirit Leads
Lyricist: Montgomery / Arranger: Tansur
To Be There
Lyricist: Cushing / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
To Whom Shall I Go?
Lyricist: De Koven / Arranger: De Koven
Treasures Of Heaven
Lyricist: O'Kane / Arranger: O'Kane
Trim Your Lamp
Lyricist: Griswald / Arrnager: Towne
Lyricist: Ulmer / Arranger: McPhail
Trusting Jesus, That Is All
Lyricist: Stites / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
Trustingly, Trustingly
Lyricist: Bonar / Arranger: Mason, W. L.


Under His Care
Lyricist: Havergal, F. R. / Arranger: Schuler


Walk Daily With Your Saviour
Lyricist: Hoffman / Arranger: Pollock
Walk In The Light - Christy
Lyricist Christy / Arranger: Christy
Walk In The Light - Showalter
Lyricist: Showalter / Arranger: Showalter
Walking In The Sunlight
Lyricist: Zelley / Arranger: McPhail
Washed And Cleansed
Lyricist: Horffman, E. A. / Arranger: Hoffman, E. A.
Watch And Pray
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, W. J.
We Are Going
Lyricist: Foster / Arranger: Sweney
We Are Guided Every Day
Lyricist: Thomas / Arranger: J. H. Kurzenknabe
We Are Weak, But Christ Is Strong
Lyricist: Reed / Arranger: Fillmore, F. A.
We Need Never Fear
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Straub
We Shall Reap By And By
Lyrics: Lankton, Martha J. / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
We Shall Stand Before The King - (Arranged)
Lyricist: Excell, E. O. / Arranger: Excell, E. O.
We Thank Thee, Lord! For This Fair Earth
Lyricist: Cotton / Arranger: Barthelemon
We Worship Thee
Lyricist: Havergal, F. / Arranger: McGranahan, J.
We'll Understand It All By And By
Lyricist: Lindsay, W. E. / Arranger: Lindsay, W. E. and Adams, G. C.
What A Gath'ring That Will Be
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Kurzenknabe, J. H.
What A Saviour
Lyricist: Homer / Gabriel, C. H.
What Have I Done For Jesus?
Lyricist: Newell / Arranger: Pease
When He Shed His Blood
Lyricist: Harkness / Arranger: Harkness
When I Stand On The Streets Of Gold
Lyricist: A. N. O. / Arranger: Black
When I Survey
Lyricist: Watts / Arranger: Miller, E.
Where Jesus Died For Me
Lyricist: DeVenter, J. W. Van / Arranger: DeVenter, J. W. Van
Where The Saviour Leads
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
Who Is On The Lord's Side?
Lyricist: Havergal, F. / Arranger: Sankey, I. D.
Why Longer Wait?
Lyricist: Hall, H. H. / Arranger: Beaverson, Geo.
Will You Go?
Lyricist: Yatman / Arranger: Geistweit
Wonderful Love - Bowdish
Lyricist: Berry / Arranger: Bowdish, T. M.
Wonderful Love - Main
Lyricist: Frances / Arranger: Main
Wonderful Songs Of Salvation
Lyricist: Stillwell / Arranger: Mason, W. L.
Wonderful Words
Lyricist: Parthemore / Arranger: Parthemore
Wondrous Story
Lyricist: Koch / Arranger: Pollock
Word Of Life, Most Pure
Lyricist: Bahnmaier / Arranger: Pleyel
Work For Jesus
Lyrics: Filmore, J. H. / Arranger: Leslie


Ye Must Be Born Again
Lyricist: Sleeper / Arranger: Stebbins
Ye Servants Of The Lord
Lyricist: Doddridge / Arranger: Harrison
Yielded To God
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Stebbins
You Must Be Redeemed
Lyricist: Jones / Arranger: Jones