Teach Us Thy Will

Lyricist: King, Violet E.
Arranger: Funk, B. B.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Teach Us Thy Will

by Violet E. King

Teach us thy will, O Father,
For we should do the right;
We know that we are wayward,
But by thy wondrous might
Our steps may all be guided
Along the "narrow way;"
Be thou our strength in weakness,
Throughout each coming day.

Teach us thy will, O Father,
For we are poor and weak;
We come to thee for wisdom,
The way of life we seek;
With heart of faith uplifted,
We look to thee on high.
Teach us thy will, O Father,
In mercy now draw nigh.

Teach us thy will, O Father,
Thy gracious thruths impart:
And give us grace to conquer
All wrongs within our heart;
O keep us ever faithful,
Thou mighty one to save,
In thee we hope to conquer,
And triumph o'er the grave.


Teach us, our heavenly Father,
Teach us thy heavenly will,
Help us to follow Jesus,
In mercy help us still.