Press Forward, O Soldiers

Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny
Arranger: Sankey, Ira D.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Press Forward, O Soldiers

by Fanny J. Crosby

Press forward, O soldiers, with banner and shield;
The Lord is our helper the world is our field;
With courage advancing, our strength in His might,
Let this be our watchword: "For God and the right."

Move forward, O soldiers, be loyal and true,
Whatever the trials keep Jesus in view;
His steps let us follow, and walk in His light,
And this be our watchward: "For God and the right."

Though legions of darkness may rally their pow'rs,
Though fierce be the conflict, the day shall be ours;
God's arm is our refuge; we'll trust in His might,
While marching to battle for "God and the right."


Then stand for the right,
Firmly stand for the right;
And this be our watchword:
"For God and the right."