Praise The Lord - (Fithian)

Lyricist: Mackay, W. P.
Arranger: Fithian, Powell G.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Praise The Lord

by W.P. Mackay

Praise the Lord with hearts and voices
Gathered in his holy name;
Ev'ry quickened soul rejoices,
Hearing of the Saviour's fame.

Praise the living God who gave us,
Lost and ruined as we lay,
His beloved Son to save us,
Bearing all our sin away.

Praise him; enemies assail us,
As we through the desert go,
But his sword can never fail us,
It shall silence ev'ry foe.

Praise him for the water flowing
Freely in its boundless tide;
Christ the smitten rock we're knowing,
Praise him for his wounded side.

Praise him, thro' the desert marching
Onward to the golden shore;
For our Saviour we are watching,
And we'll praise him evermore.


Praise the Lord, oh praise him ever,
Let our voices sweetly sing;
Praise the Lord! oh may we ever
Sing aloud to God our King.