O Lord, Abide With Me

Lyricist: Jones, Harriet
Arranger: Bryant, John R.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

O Lord, Abide With Me

by Harriet Jones

Abide witn me, O Lord abide with me,
I faint and fall when far away from Thee;
But if Thou lead me I shall walk aright,
For O, a lamp Thou art of purest light.

Abide with me the shadows gather near,
Abide with me, my weary heart to cheer;
Abide with me to comfort and up hold,
'Till all my work is done, and years are told.

Abide with me, a never failing friend,
On Thee alone, O Lord, do I depend;
Abide with me until deaths vave is passed,
And oh! let me abide with thee at last.


Abide with me,
O Lord abide with me,
I feel each day and hour my need of Thee;
Oh! keep me, keep me near
Thy bleeding side; O, ev'ry moment,
Lord, with me abide.