No Other Refuge

Lyricist: Garnett, Jennie
Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
Music Score: PDF
Source File: Mup File
Music File: Midi
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

No Other Refuge

by Jennie Garnett

Troubled in heart and spirit,
Jesus, I come to thee;
Hast thou a word of welcome?
Hast thou a smile for me?

Over the cold, dark mountain,
Softly I heard thee say:
None from the door of mercy
Ever were turned away.

Troubled in heart and spirit,
Burdened with anxious fears,
Jesus, behold me kneeling,
Bathing thy feet with tears.

Troubled in heart and spirit,
Saviour, to thee I come;
Now to thy fold I hasten;
Take the poor wanderer home.


I have no other refuge,
No other place to go;
Only thy blood can wash me clean,
And make me whiter than snow.