More Like My Savior

Lyricist: Ackley, Charles C.
Arranger: Ackley, Charles C.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

More Like My Savior

by Charles C. Ackley

More like my Savior I would ever be,
This is the pray'r my heart would raise to Thee,
Thou who did'st give thine only Son to die,
Hear me, O Father, while to Thee I cry.

More like my Savior patient, kind and true,
Seeking each day the Father's will to do,
Finding in Him, my sphere of greatest joy,
Pleasures undimmed, and peace without alloy.

O blessed Savior teach me thro' Thy word,
Give me a vision of my risen Lord,
O may it's glory fill my life each hour,
That I may witness with the Spirit's pow'r.

More like my Savior how my heart is stirred,
Whene'er I read in His own blessed word,
"I shall be like Him"— O what wondrous bliss,
For I at last shall see Him as He is.