Public Domain Hymns

L - Hymns

Labor On
Lyricist: Mund / Arranger: Lorenz
Lamb Of God, My Savior Dear
Lyricist: Powley / Arranger: McPhail
Land Of Light
Lyricist: Stevenson / Arranger: Lowry
Land Of The Blessed
Lyricist: Miller, Emily H. / Arranger: O'Kane, T. C.
Lead Me
Lyricist: Emanuel / Arranger: Sankey, I. A.
Lead Me, O My Saviour, Lead Me
Lyricist: Crosby / Arranger: Unseld
Lead Me On
Lyricist: Kurzenknabe, J. H. / Arranger: Parthemore
Let Me Cling To Thee
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Sweney, John R.
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Lyricist: O'Kane, T. C. / Arranger: O'Kane, T. C.
Let Others See Jesus In You
Lyricist: Hewitt / Emerson
Let The Light Shine Out
Lyricist: Blenkhorn / Arranger: Black
Let Us Be Lights
Lyricist: Gregory / Arranger: Gabriel
Let Us Build On The Rock
Lyricist: Davis / Arranger: Davis
Let Us Exalt The Lord
Lyricist: Barnes / Arranger: Sweney
Let Your Lamps Be Bright
Lyricist: Doddridge / Arranger: St. Alban's Tune Book
Lift Up Your Hearts To Things Above
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: Williams
Lift Your Light A Little Higher
Lyricist: Martin, Mrs. C. D. / Arranger: Martin, W. S.
Living For Christ
Lyricist: Loomis / Arranger: Pollock
Lo, He Is God Alone
Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J. / Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
Lord Behold Us With Thy Blessing
Lyricist: Buckoll / Arranger: Vinder
Lord How Thy Wonders Are Displayed
Lyricist: Watts /Arranger: Webbe
Lord I Bow At Thy Throne
Lyricist: Stevenson / Arranger: Lowry
Lord, We Come Before Thee Now
Lyricist: Hammond / Arranger: Bowman
Love Divine
Lyricist: Wesley / Arranger: O'Kane