Jesus Wept

Lyricist: Leinbach, L.
Arranger: Kurzenknabe, John H.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Jesus Wept

by L. Leinbach

Jesus wept! Our Lord and Savior,
When he was on earth below;
Sympathized and felt for others
In their sorrow, grief and woe.

Jesus wept, what rich conpassion!
None appealed to him in vain;
All received his consolations,
E'en the dead arose again.

Jesus wept, amazing wonder!
For the Son of God to be
So affectionate and tender,
To our frail humanity.

Jesus wept! and now, believer,
Whatsoe'er our sorrows be,
He will comfort his beloved
With his love and sympathy.


Jesus wept! O heart so tender!
Heart of love and sympathy!
He will comfort his beloved
Whatsoe'er their sorrows be.