Jesus Shall Have It All

Lyricist: Hoffman, Elisha A.
Arranger: Hoffman, Elisha A.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Jesus Shall Have It All

by Elisha A. Hoffman

In loving consecration,
Lord, let me bring my heart;
All its affection shall be thine;
None else shall share a part.

All of my life I pledge thee,
All of my ransomed pow'rs,
All of my service and my love,
All of my days and hours.

Nothing shall be withholden;
Nothing will I recall;
All shall be on the altar laid;
Jesus shall have it all.

My hands for thee to labor,
My feet to walk thy ways,
My life to magnify thy grace,
My lips to speak thy praise.

I should have served thee better,
I should have loved thee more;
Now I will live for thee alone,
Henceforth and evermore.

Here, at this holy altar,
Now, while in tears I bow,
Seal thou the covenant I make,
Hear and accept my vow.


My all I now surrender,
Lord, give it beyond recall;
None else shall share a part,
No! Jesus shall have it all.