Jesus Is Living With Me

Lyricist: Moyer, W. G.
Arranger: Meredith, I. H.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Jesus Is Living With Me

by W. G. Moyer

Tho' many my burdens and sorrows,
And many the trials I see,
My heart is o'erflowing with gladness,
For Jesus is living with me.

The joys of my life may all fail me,
And friendship and fortune may flee,
But these have no power to move me,
When Jesus is living with me.

Tho' all of life's work be unnoticed,
And tho' I forgotten should be,
I cannot be weary or lonely
Since Jesus is living in me.

Some day my frail tent shall be folded,
Mine eyes to earth's glories grow dim;
I then shall awake in His likeness,
And ever be living with Him.


Living with me, living with me,
Jesus, my Savior, Is living with me.