Jesus, I Come To Thee

Lyricist: Crosby, Fanny J.
Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
Music Score: PDF
Source File: Mup File
Music File: Midi
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Jesus, I Come To Thee

by Fanny J. Crosby

Jesus, I come to thee,
Longing for rest;
Fold thou thy weary child
Safe to thy breast.

Jesus, I come to thee,
Hear thou my cry;
Save, or I perish, Lord,
Save or I die.

Now let the rolling waves
Bend to thy will,
Say to the troubled deep,
Peace, peace be still.

Swiftly the parting clouds
Fade from my sight;
Yonder thy bow appears,
Lovely and bright.


Rocked on a stormy sea,
Oh, be not far from me.
Lord,let me cling to thee,
Only to thee.