I've Found The Way

Lyricist: Harris, Thoro
Arranger: Harris, Thoro
Music Score: PDF
Source File: Mup File
Music File: Midi
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

I've Found The Way

by Thoro Harris

I've found the way to perfect rest,
My heart doth over flow;
since Christ is my abiding guest,
No want my soul shall know.

I've found the truth, 'tis Christ alone,
True knowledge can impart;
The Lord omniscient has His throne
Established in my heart.

I've found the life, the only life,
That shall immortal bloom;
Beyond this vale of sin and strife,
The portals of the tomb.

Hosannas be, dear Lord to thee,
Let all Thy grace proclaim;
Forevermore let all adore
Thy high and holy name!


He ransomed me, He set me free,
His wondrous life I sing,
All glory be, O Christ to Thee!
Hosanna to the King!