He Leadeth Me

Lyricist: Woolston, Agnes C.
Arranger: Woolston, Agnes C.
Music Score: PDF
Source File: Mup File
Music File: Midi
Copyright: Public Domain - USA

He Leadeth Me

by Agnes C. Woolston

He leadeth me! O words divine,
What comfort thrills this heart of mine;
O blessed light in darkness shine,
He leadeth me! he leadeth me!

He leadeth me! My Shepherd, Guide,
Securely thro' the pastures wide;
Abiding closely by my side,
He leadeth me! yea, leadeth me!

He leadeth me! in sorrows he
My Keeper is where'er I be;
In shady nook or stormy sea,
He leadeth me! yea even me!

He leadeth me! his goodness tell,
His mercy with his child doth dwell;
Oh let the theme his praises swell,
He leadeth me! he leadeth me!