God Will Take Care Of Me

Lyricist: Hewitt, E. E.
Arranger: Kirkpatrick, William J.
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

God Will Take Care Of Me

by E. E. Hewitt

God will take care of me;
Here will I rest,
Trusting his promise true,
Safe on his breast.
Changeful may be my lot,
His mercy changeth not;
No child of his forgot,
In Jesus , blest.

God will take care of me,
Hushing my fear;
When dangers 'round I see,
His voice I hear;
Then let my soul be brave,
High tho' the wind and wave,
Greater his pow'r to save,
Tenderly near.

God will take care of me,
Holding the helm;
Storms that may sweep the sea
Will not o'erwhelm.
Soon, ev'ry billow passed,
I shall my anchor cast,
Safe, safe at home at last,
In joy's bright realm.