Dwell In Me O Blessed Spirit

Lyricist: Lankton, Martha J.
Arranger: Berky, Georgia G.
Music Score: PDF
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Dwell In Me O Blessed Spirit

by Martha J. Lankton (pseudonym of Fanny Crosby)

Dwell in me, O blessed Spirit,
How I need Thy help divine!
In the way of life eternal,
Keep, oh, keep this heart of mine.

Let me feel Thy sacred presence;
Then my faith will ne'er decline;
Comfort Thou and help me onward,
Fill with love this heart of mine.

Round the cross where Thou hast led me,
Let my purest feelings twine;
With the blood from sin that cleansed me,
Seal anew this heart of mine.

Dwell in me, O blessed Spirit,
Gracious Teacher, Friend divine,
For the home of bliss that waits me
O prepare this heart of mine.


Dwell in me, oh, dwell in me;
Hear and grant my prayer to Thee;
Spirit, now from Heav'n descending,
Come, oh, come and dwell in me.