Come To Christ To-Day

Lyricist: Bennett, W.
Arranger: Bennett, W.
Music Score: PDF
Source File: Mup File
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Copyright: Public Domain - USA

Come To Christ Today

by W. Bennett

Come to Jesus, precious soul,
Come to jesus, come to Jesus;
He will make the wounded whole,
Come, O come today;
He will wash you in His blood,-
Freely flows the cleansing flood-
He will take your sins awa;
Come, O come to Christ today.

Come to Jesus, doubting heart,
Come to Jesus, come to Jesus;
Bid your unbelief depart,
Trust His word today;
Faith us strong and must prevail-
Come with faith, you cannot fail-
All your doubts and fears shall fly;
Faith triumphant mounts the sky.

Come to Jesus, don't delay,
Come to Jesus, come to Jesus;
Come to Jesus while you may,
Come, O come today;
Let His love your hearts constrain,
Do not let Him plead in vain;
He hath died upon the tree,
Shed His precious blood for Thee.