Scanned Hymnals

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A Hymnal as authorized and approved for use by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of Our Lord 1916: together with the Canticles at morning and evening prayer and occasional anthems.
A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Divine Worship
Advent Songs: a revision of old hymns to meet modern needs. Author: Simon Nelson Patten; Publisher: B.W. Huebsch; Date: 1916
Alexander's Gospel Songs - 1908.
Augsburg Songs: for Sunday schools and other services.


Best Endeavor Hymns: especially for use in Christian endeavor societies.
Best Hymns: from all the books and new ones to be made the best : selections from over one hundred of our best hymn writers. Author: Elisha A. Hoffman. Publisher: Evangelical Pub. Co., 1894.
Bilhorn's Male Chorus nos. 1 and 2, combined - Author - Peter Philip Bilhorn - Publisher: Bilhorn Bros., 1893.
Book of Praise Hymnal - Publisher: Macmillan, 1868.
Brewer's Edition of Sacred Songs and Hymns - Author: Orville Brewer; Publisher: O. Brewer, Date: 1905
Bright Light: A collection of new and selected songs for Sunday school and young people's meetings. Author: Solomon W. Straub; Publisher: S.W. Straub; Date: 1893
Brightest and Best: a choice collection of new songs, duets, choruses, invocation and benediction hymns for the Sunday school and meetings of prayer and praise


Carmina for the Sunday School - 1898.
Celestial Songs For Religious Worship - Author: B. B. Funk; Publisher: B.B. Funk, Date: 1890.
Chapel Hymns: a selection of hymns, with appropriate tunes, adapted to vestry or other social religious meetings. Author: Lowell Mason. Publisher: T.R. Marvin, 1842.
Chautauqua Hymnal and liturgy - Contributor: John Heyl Vincent, Publisher: Novello, Ewer, 1903.
Childhood Songs: a book of words and music for primary classes and the home - A. J. Rowland, 1898
Choice Hymns, no. 1: for use in the church, Sunday-school, young people's ... By John Wilbur Chapman, W. S. Weeden.
Christian Endeavor Hymns - 1894
Christian Hymns for Public and Private Worship: a collection By Cheshire Pastoral Association (Cheshire, Conn.)
Christian Hymns no. 1: For use in church services, Sunday-schools, young ... By William Phillips Hall, J Wilbur Chapman, W S Weeden.
Christian Melodies: a selection of hymns and tunes designed for social and ... By George Barrell Cheever, Joseph E. Sweetser.
Christian Science Hymnal: a selection of spiritual songs Authors: Church of Christ, Scientist, Christian Science Publishing Society. Publisher The Christian science publishing society, 1909.
Church Melodies: a collection of psalms and hymns, with appropriate music ... By Thomas Samuel Hastings
Church Harmonies, new and old: a book of spiritual song for Christian worshippers - 1895
Church Hymnal: by permission of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland, Authors Church of Ireland, Sir Robert Prescott Stewart Publisher, Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1895.
Church Hymns: With Tunes - Author: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (Great Britain). Tract Committee. Editor: Sir Arthur Sullivan Publisher S.P.C.K., 1898.
Church Hymns and Gospel Songs, for use in church services, prayer meetings and other religious gatherings.
Church Pastorals: hymns and tunes for public and social worship By Nehemiah Adams.
Church Praise: comprising Part I. Complete metrical psalms; Part II. Hymns By Sir Herbert Stanley Oakeley.
Church Song: for the uses of the house of God - Publisher: Biglow & Main, 1890.
Consecrated Hymns: for use in devotional meetings, young people's societies ... By Adam Geibel, R. Frank Lehman, H. C. Lincoln.
Crowning day, 1-6 combined: contains 297 numbers of the most popular songs of this famous series of gospel song books. Editors: Jacob Henry Hall, James Hott Ruebush, William Howe Ruebush. Publisher: The Ruebush-Kieffer Co., 1908.


Devotional Melodies: adapted to social worship - Author: Universalist Publishing House; Date: 1876


Elmhurst Hymnal; and, Orders of worship: for the Sunday school, young people's meetings and church services - 1921.
Epworth Songs: for use in the Epworth League, the Junior League, the Sunday-school and in social services. - 1893
Excell's Anthems for the Choir: Consisting of Solos, Duets, Trios, Quartettes, Choruses, Etc., Etc, Author:Edwin Othello Excell; Publisher: E. O. Excell, Date: 1888.
Exultant Praises For Sunday Schools and Young People's Societies - Author: W. B. Judefind, Edition: 3; Publisher: Judefind Bros., Date: 1910


52 Hymns Of The Heart: Author Charles Cardwell McCabe Publisher J.J. Hood.
Fairer Than Day: for Sunday school and revival work - Author: George C. Hugg; Publisher: G.C. Hugg, Date: 1903
Favorite Songs and Hymns for School and Home: containing four hundred and fifty of the world's best songs and hymns, including national songs and many songs of days; also, the elements of music and twenty-five responsive scriptural readings Author: John Piersol McCaskey. Publisher: Harper & Brothers, 1899.
Free Methodist Hymnal - Publisher: Free Methodist Pub. House; Date: 1910


Garlands of Praise: a choice collection of hymns and tunes suitable for Sunday-school, Bible classes and the home circle - Author: Asa Hull; Publisher: A. Hull; Date: 1876
Gems of Song for the Sunday School By Ira David Sankey, Hubert Platt Main
Glad Hallelujahs: replete with sacred songs. Authors:John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick. Publisher: T.T. Tasker, 1887
Glad Tidings: a collection of hymns new and old for the Sunday-school ... By William Lesley Mason
Golden Rays: a collection of new Gospel songs, for the Sunday-school and sanctuary. Authors: George C. Hugg, Frank L. Armstrong. Publisher: Hugg & Armstrong, 1882.
Good News Hymns: for use in church and evangelistic services - Author: Benjamin Franklin Butts - Publisher - Biglow & Main, 1914
Good Will: a collection of new music for Sabbath schools and gospel meetings. Author: J. M. Stillman. Compiled by: Thomas Martin Towne. Publisher: F.H. Revell, 1878.
Gospel Hymns and Sacred Songs Author Ira D. Sankey, Compiler Philip Paul Bliss, Publisher Biglow & Main, 1875
Gospel Hymns Nos. 1 to 6 - Compiled by: Ira David Sankey, Philip Paul Bliss, James McGranahan, George Coles Stebbins; Contributors: Ira David Sankey, Philip Paul Bliss, James McGranahan, George Coles Stebbins; Publisher: John Church Co.; Date: 1895
Gospel Hymns no. 2. by pp Bliss and Ira D. Sankey
Gospel Hymns no. 3 Ira D.Sankey, James mcgranahan, and George C.Stebbins. Author: Sankey, Ira D. 1840-1908. Imprint: New York; Biglow and Main, 1878.
Gospel hymns no. 4: By Ira D. Sankey, James McGranahan, and Geo. C. Stebbins, as used by them in gospel meetings Biglow & Main, 1881
Gospel Hymns no. 6: for use in gospel meetings and other religious services ... By Ira David Sankey, James McGranahan, George Coles Stebbins Lake Gilmour, J. Howard Entwisle
Gospel Hymns nos. 5 and 6 Combined: for use in gospel meetings and other religious services
Gospel Melodies: a collection of choice gospel songs and hymns for the sunday school, young people's society, prayer meeting and evangelistic services
Gospel Praise Book: a collection of choice gems of sacred song suitable for Church service, gospel praise meetings, and family devotions - Author: Asa Hull - Published 1880.
Gospel Songs: a choice collection of hymns and tunes, new and old, for gospel meetings, prayer meetings, Sunday schools, etc. Author Philip Paul Bliss, Publisher J. Church & co. 1874
Gospel Tent Songs: Authors F. H. Jacobs, Ira Allan Sankey, Evangelistic Committee of Greater New York Publisher Biglow & Main, 1905
Great Revival Hymns For The Church, Sunday school and evangelistic services - Editors: Homer Alvan Rodeheaver, Bentley DeForrest Ackley; Publisher: Rodeheaver Co.; Date: 1911


Heart and Voice: a collection of songs and services for the Sunday School and the home
His Worthy Praise: a collection of Sunday school songs? - Edmund Simon Lorenz
Hosanna: for the Sunday school - 1898
Hymnal: Amore dei: Publisher G. H. Ellis, 1890
Hymnal for American Youth By Henry Augustine Smith
Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church: with tunes - 1878.
Hymns Ancient and Modern: for use in the services of the church : with accompanying tunes Authors: Sir Henry Williams Baker (Bart), William Henry Monk Publisher: Frank E. Remont, 1869.
Hymns and Sacred Songs By Edwin Othello Excell
Hymns and songs for the Sunday school - Lutheran Publication Society, 1914
Hymn and Tune Book For The Church And The Home - Author: American Unitarian Association; Publisher: American Unitarian Association; Date: 1873
Hymns And Tunes For Prayer And Social Meetings - Author: George Chester Robinson; Publisher: Poe & Hitchcock; Date: 1868
Hyms for Christian Worship: with music
Hymns for Sunday School and Church - 1915
Hymns New and Old: for use in gospel meetings and other religious services - 1887
Hymns of His Grace: for the evangelist, church, Sunday school, and young people's society, Issue 1 - Authors: Peter Philip Bilhorn, F. G. Fischer, John Ralston Clements, Walter Stillman Martin - Publisher: Bilhorn bros., 1907
Hymns of the centuries - A.S. Barnes Co., 1913
Hymns of the church, new and old edited by William Vail Wilson Davis, Raymond Calkins
Hymns of the Kingdom of God By George Whelpton.
Hymns: the Yattendon Hymnal. Editors: Robert Seymour Bridges, Harry Ellis Wooldridge. Publisher: B.H. Blackwell, 1905.
Hymns We Love: for Sunday schools and all devotional meetings; Authors: Adam Geibel, Frederic W. Eickhoff; Publisher: A. Geibel Music Co.; Date: 1907.
Hymns With Tunes: to accompany Hymns and prayers for the use of the Army and Navy. Publisher: s.n., 1917.


International Song Service: with bright gems from fifty authors


Jasper and Gold: a choice collection of song-gems for Sunday schools, social meetings, and times of refreshing - Author Tullius Clinton O'Kane; Publisher: Hitchcock & Walden; Date: 1877
Joy to the World: for the church and Sunday school By Edwin Othello Excell


Kingdom of Song: A collection of songs for Sunday-schools, young people's ... By T. M. Bowdish
Kingdom Songs: for use in the Sunday school, the Young people's meeting, the devotional service. Editors: C. Harold Lowden, Rufus Wilder Miller. Publisher: Heidelberg, 1914


Laudes Domini: a selection of spiritual songs ancient & modern for the Sunday School - 1888
Life and Service Hymns - 1917
Light in the Valley: a new work of great merit for the Sunday school ... By George C. Hugg; Date 1898.
Little Branches: a collection of songs prepared especially for the primary and infant departments of the Sunday school - Authors: Charles Hutchinson Gabriel, W. S. Nickle - 1893


Manly Songs For Christian Men: a collection of sacred songs adapted to the needs of male singers, for use in adult Bible classes, Y.M.C.A. meetings and all gatherings of men for religious work and worship. Publisher Tullar-Meredith, 1910
Melodious Sonnets for Sacred Service - John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick
Methodist Free Church Hymns By United Methodist Free Churches.
Mission Hymns: with music, for Lenten services, Sunday schools, prayer meetings, guilds and the home circle and especially for parochial mission use, including hymns on the Seven words of Our Savior on the Cross. Author: Charles Russell Hodge. Publisher: Throne Publishing Co., 1890
Missionary Songs: for the use of missionary societies, missionary and gleaners' bands, and other missionary meetings, with special provision for missionary concerts. Editor: Edmund Simon Lorenz. Publisher: Fillmore Bros.; Date: 1880.
Musical Leaves For Sabbath Schools: composed of Musical leaves nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, with an addition of one hundred popular hymns - Compiled by: Philip Phillips; Edition 13; Publisher: Philip Phillips; Date: 1865


New Hymn and Tune Book: an offering of praise for the Methodist Episcopal Church - Editor: Philip Phillips; Publisher: Carlton & Lanahan; Date: 1867
New Junior Songs: for use in junior societies and on special occasions
Northfield Hymnal: for use in evangelistic and church services, conventions, Sunday schools and all prayer and social meeting of the church and home - Editor George Coles Stebbins - Publisher - Biglow & Main, 1904


On Joyful Wing: a book of praise and song - 1886
On Wings of Song: for revival meetings, endeavor societies, Epworth Leagues ... By George C. Hugg; Date 1896.
Our Sabbath Home Praise Book: Authors John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick Publisher J.J. Hood, 1884


Pentecostal hymns: nos. 1 and 2 combined, selected by Henry Date. Music editors: E. A. Hoffman, W. A. Ogden [and] J. H. Tenney - Publisher - Hope Pub. Co., 1894
Pillar of Fire Praises - Published by Pentecostal Union. 1910
Praise in Song: a collection of hymns and sacred melodies, adapted for use ... By John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick, Henry Lake Gilmour; Publisher: J. J. Hood, Date 1893.
Praise SongsA collection of hymns and tunes: Author: Arthur H. Dadmun. Publisher: Maynard, Merrill, 1897.
Praises By E O Excell
Psalms and Hymns for Divine Worship: hymns Publisher: James Nisbet and Co., 1867.
Psalter and Scripture Selections for Responsive Reading. Editors: Herbert Barclay Turner, William Foster Biddle, Kerr Boyce Tupper. Publisher: A.S. Barnes, 1907.
Pure Diamonds: a choice collection of new words and music for the Sunday school, praise meetings, prayer meetings, and the social circle - Author: James Ramsey Murray; Publisher: S. Brainards' sons; Date: 1872


Revival Hymns: a collection of new and standard hymns for gospel and social meetings, Sunday schools and young people's societies - 1905
Rodeheaver Collection For Male Voices: one hundred and sixty quartets and choruses for men - Editor: John Bunyan Herbert; Publisher: Rodeheaver Co.; Date: 1916


Sacred Praise: for use in gospel meetings, evangelistic services, Sunday schools, prayer meetings, and young peoples's societies - 1912
Sacred Songs For Men: together with some home, patriotic and secular songs for special occasions - Compiled by: Charles Hutchinson Gabriel; Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Co.; Date: 1904
Sacred Songs No. 1: compiled and arranged for use in gospel meetings, Sunday schools, prayer meetings, and other religious services, - Compiled by: Ira David Sankey, James McGranahan, George Coles Stebbins; Publisher: Biglow & Main; Date: 1909
Sacred Songs: no. 2, compiled and arranged for use in gospel meetings Ira David Sankey, James McGranahan, George Coles Stebbins - Music - 1899 - 208 pages
Select songs for the singing service in the prayer meeting and Sunday school - 1885
Selected Anthems For Choir Use - Compiled by: Tullius Clinton O'Kane; Publisher: Walden and Stowe; Date: 1882
Service Songs For Young People's Societies, Sunday Schools, and Church Prayer Meetings - Authors: William Shaw, Henry Fillmore, United Society of Christian Endeavor; Publisher: United Society of Christian Endeavor, Date: 1913.
Shaker Hymnal - Publisher: Canterbury Shakers; Date: 1908
School And Parish Hymnal With Tunes. Author: Jeremiah Franklin Ohl. Publisher: G.W. Frederick, 1892.
Song Life: For Sunday schools, etc., illustrating in song the journey of Christiana and her children to the celestial city ... With extracts from Bunyan. Authors: Philip Phillips, John Bunyan. Publisher: Harper; Date: 1872
Song Treasury: a collection of songs and music, especially adapted for Sunday-schools, praise & prayer meetings, church choirs and the home circle. Author: John H. Kurzenknabe. Publisher: Crider & Brother, Date: 1879
Songs for the Sanctuary: or, hymns and tunes for Christian worship By Charles S. Robinson
Songs for work and Worship: for use in Sunday schools, young peoples ... By Edmund Simon Lorenz
Songs of Christian Service - William Jamas Kirkpatrick, Henry lake Gilmour; Publisher: Hall-Mack Co.; Date: 1903
Songs Of The Evening Light: for sunday-schools, missionary and revival meetings and gospel work in general - Editors: Barney Elliott Warren, Andrew L. Byers; Publisher: Gospel Trumpet, Date: 1897
Songs of Faith: Authors: John Harrison Tenney, Elisha A. Hoffman; Publisher: S. Brainard's Sons; Date: 1876
Songs of Faith and Hope - Editor: James Milton Black, Publisher: Jennings and Graham, 1905
Songs of Joy and Gladness By William McDonald, Joshua Gill
Songs of Love and Praise, no. 2: for use in meetings for Christian worship ... By John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick
Songs of Love and Praise, no. 4: for use in meetings for Christian ..., Issue 3 By John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick, Henry
Songs of Pentecostal Power, Complete: a book of the very best spiritual ... By R E Winsett
Songs of Pilgrimage a hymnal for the churches of Christ Author: Horace Lorenzo Hastings; Publisher: Scriptural Tract Repository; Date: 1888.
Songs of praise, Issue 1: Authors John Wilbur Chapman, O. F. Pugh, Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work - Publisher - Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work : Westminster Press, 1904
Songs of Praise No. 2: Complied by John Wilbur Chapman, O. F. Pugh, Publisher Westminster Press, 1905
Songs of Praise and Service: a collection of sacred songs for the Sunday ... By Edwin Barfield Chappell, William James Kirkpatrick
Songs of Redeeming Love: The Quartet: Four complete works in one volume, for use in prayer meeting or Sabbath school Authors John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick, Charles Cardwell McCabe, Tullius Clinton O'Kane Publisher J.J. Hood, 1882
Songs of Redemption By Joshua Gill, George Asbury McLaughlin, William James Kirkpatrick, Henry Lake Gilmour; Publisher; Christian Witness Co.; Date: 1899.
Songs of Redemption and Praise By John A. Davis, John Ralston Clements
Songs of Revival Power for Evangelistic campaigns, gospel meetings, revival ... By Edmund S Lorenz
Songs of Salvation and Service: a collection of Gospel hymns for Sunday Schools, Young People's Societies, revivals, devotional meetings and the home. Author:Edwin Othello Excell. Compiled by: M. Homer Cummings, Millard F. Compton, L. B. Bowers. Publisher: M. Homer Cummings, Date: 1920
Songs of the Evening Light: for sunday-schools, missionary and revival meetings and gospel work in generalEditors Barney Elliott Warren, Andrew L. Byers, Publisher Gospel Trumpet, Date: 1897
Songs Tried and Proved: for the use of prayer meetings, Sunday schools, general evangelistic work, and the home circle
Sons of Praise: a collection of gospel songs for men's voices - Date: 1906
Soul Winning Songs For Soul Winners - Compiled by Peter Philip Bilhorn - Publisher - Bilhorn, 1896
Sowing and Reaping: hymns, tunes, and carols for the Sunday school, prayer, praise and gospel service. Author: John H. Kurzenknabe. Publisher: J.H. Kurzenknabe & Sons, 1889.
St. Basil's hymnal: containing music for vespers of all the Sundays and festivals of the year publisher Lyon & Healy, 1889
Sunday School and Revival - Author: Charles Davis Tillman; Publisher: Charlie D. Tillman; Date: 1907
Sunday School Hymnal: with offices of devotion. Author: Mary S. Attwood. Publisher: Universalist Pub. House, 1912.
Sunday School Hymns, Issue 1 - Publisher: Tullar-Meredith Co., 1903
Sunday School Melodies: a collection of new and standard hymns for the Sunday school. Publisher Tullar-Meredith Co., 1914
Sunlit Songs: for use in meetings for Christian worship or work? - John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick, H. L. Gilmour; Publisher J. J. Hood, Date: 1890.
Sursum Corda: a book of praise


The Academic Hymnal: a collection of hymns and chants with tunes harmonized for men's voices and in unison, specially designed for use in college chapels - Publisher: G. Schirmer, 1899
The Advent Christian Hymnal: a collection of hymns and tunes for public and social worship
The American Hymnal for Chapel Service By Oliver Huckel
The Ark of Praise: containing sacred songs and hymns for the Sabbath-school ... By John Robson Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick
The Assembly Hymn and Song Collection: for use in chapel, assembly, convocation, or general exercises of schools, normals, colleges, universities, etc - Publisher: C. Guy Hoover.
The Bible School Hymnal - Publisher Tullar-Meredith, 1907
The Brethren Hymnal: a collection of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, suited for song service in Christian worship, for Church service, social meetings and Sunday schools
The Chapel Hymnal By George Mills Boynton
The Chapel Hymnal By Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work, Louis FitzGerald Benson, George Mills Boynton, Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society, Joseph Tuthill Duryea
The Chapel Hymnal: with tunes By Sigismond Lasar
The Christian Hymnal: a collection of hymns and tunes for congregational and social worship publisher H.S. Bosworth, 1882
The Christian Psalmist: or, Watts' Psalms and hymns, with copious selections ... By Thomas Hastings, Isaac Watts, William Patton
The Christian Science Hymnal
The Choral Hymnal By Sigismond Lasar
The Chorus of Praise: for use in Sunday schools, young people's meetings, revivals, prayer meetings, and all the social services of the church. Editor: James Milton Black. Publisher: Eaton & Mains, Date: 1898
The Church Hymnal: revised and enlarged in accordance with the action of the general convention of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America, in the year of our Lord 1892.
The church hymnal, revised: containing hymns approved and set forth by the general convention of 1892 and 1916; together with hymns for the use of guilds and brotherhoods, and for special occasions - 1920
The Church Hymnary: a collection of hymns and tunes for public worship
The Church Hymnary: a collection of hymns and tunes for public worship
The congregational psalmist hymnal - 1886
The Coronation Hymnal - Compiled by Adoniram Judson Gordon, Plublisher: American Baptist Publication Society, 1894
The Endeavor Hymnal: for young people's societies, Sunday schools and church ... By International Society of Christian Endeavor
The Epworth Hymnal No. 2: Containing standard hymns of the church, songs for the Sunday-school, songs for social services; Author: Methodist Episcopal Church; Publisher: Cranston & Stowe; Date: 1891
The Epworth Hymnal No. 3: containing standard hymns of the church, songs ..., Volume 3
The Eureka Song Climax: for all religious gatherings - Author: R. L. Powell; Publisher: Eureka Pub. Co., Date: 1916
The Friends' Hymnal: a collection of hymns and tunes for the public worship ... By Society of Friends
The Golden Harp: a collection of hymns, tunes, and choruses, for the use of sabbath schools, social gatherings, picnics and the home circle Author: Luther Orlando Emerson
The Gospel Choir: Authors: Ira D. Sankey and James McGranahan. Publisher: Biglow & Main, 1885.
The Harp of Gold: or, Pillar of fire praises, Issue 2
The Hymnal By Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. General Assembly
The Hymnal of Praise edited by Edward Dwight Eaton
The Home and School Hymnal - Author: Sir Joseph Barnby; Publisher: University Press by T. and A. Constable; Date: 1893
The Institute hymnal - 1901
The Jeweled Crown: a choice collection of original hymns and tunes for the Sunday school. Author: Awsa Hull. Published: 1891.
The King's Praises: a collection of songs for Junior Societies and primary Sunday-schools Publisher United Society of Christian Endeavor, 1899
The Magnificat: hymns with tunes By General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America
The Male Chorus - 1888
The Message In Song: Author: Charles S. Magann. Publisher: Praise Pub. Co, 1911.
The Methodist Hymnal: official hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church and ... By Methodist Episcopal Church, South
The Mission Hymnal: a hymnal Author: Episcopal Church. Diocese of New York, 1885
The Mission Hymnal as adopted by the General convention at Cincinnati in the year of our Lord 1910: with additional hymns and chants as authorized by the General convention at New York in the year of our Lord 1913
The (enlarged) Morning Light!: a choice collection of new and old songs for Sunday schools, prayer meetings, praise meetings, conference meetings, and the home circle. Author: Solomon W. Straub. Publisher: S.W. Straub, 1882 .
The National Temperance Songster. Publisher: Morton & Griswold, printers, 1854.
The New Century Carols: a collection of songs for Sunday schools, young people's societies, Sunday-evening congregations, and all religious services Editor: A. F. Myers; Publisher: United Brethren Pub. House; Date: 1899
The New Century Hymnal: for church services, prayer meetings, young people's meetings, Sunday schools - Editor: Will Lamartine Thompson; Publisher - W.L. Thompson, Date: 1904.
The New Complete Standard Singer: for Sabbath schools, public worship and special services - Author: Philip Phillips; Publisher: P. Phillips; Date: 1869
The New Evangel By Robert Henry Coleman
The New Hymn and Tune Book By American Unitarian Association
The New Living Hymns: (Living hymns no. 2) : for use in the Sabbath school ... By John Wanamaker, John R. Sweney
The New Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book: for the service of song in the house of the Lord - Authors - Lowell Mason, Edwards Amasa Park, Austin Phelps, Francis Wayland - Published 1867
The Old Story in Song: for evangelistic meetings, prayer services, Sunday ... By Arthur S. Magann, William James Kirkpatrick; Edited by: Arthur S. Magann, Henry Lake Gilmour; Publisher: Praise Pub. Co.; Date: 1906
The Praise Hymnal: a collection of hymns and tunes - Editors: Gilbert J. Ellis, James Henry Fillmore; Publisher: Fillmore Brothers; Date: 1896
The Primitive Methodist Sunday School Union Hymn Book - Publisher: R. Fenwick, Primitive Methodist Book Depot; Date: 1882
The Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs of the Rev. Isaac Watts: to which are ... By Isaac Watts, Samuel Worcester
The Psalms and Hymns, with the Catechism, Confession of Faith, and Liturgy ... By Reformed Church in America, John Henry Livingston (D.D.)
The Presbyterian Book of Praise, approved and commended by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. With tunes. Part I. Selections from the psalter. Part II.
The Psalter with Responsive Readings
The Revivalist: a collection of choice revival hymns and tunes, original and selected - Joseph Hillman (of Troy, N.Y.) - Published 1869
The Sabbath Hymn and Tune Book: for the service of song in the house of the Lord edited by Lowell Mason, Edwards Amasa Park, Austin Phelps - Publisher; Mason Brothers, 1865
The Sabbath-School Hymnal: a collection of songs, services and responsive readings for the school, synagogue and home. Author: Isaac S. Moses Publisher: Isaac S. Moses.
The Search Light: a collection of songs for Sunday schools and Gospel meetings - Editor: A. F. Myers; Publisher:W.W. Whitney; Date: 1894
The Service of Praise: or, Hymns and tunes and Scripture lessons - Author: William Tappan Eustis; Publisher: Scribner, Armstrong & co., Date: 1875
The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book: for use in divine worship - Authors: General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, Franklin Edson Belden, Edwin Barnes Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing House; Date: 1893
The Singing Pilgrim, or, Pilgrim's progress illustrated in song for the sabbath school, church & family; Authors: Philip Phillips, John Bunyan ; Publisher: Carlton & Porter; Date: 1866
The Sunday School Chorister: a service and tune book for the children of the church. With appendix - Publisher: Young Churchman Co., Date: 1891
The Temperance Light: A new collection of Gospel temperance hymns and sacred songs - Author: George C. Hugg Published: 1880.
The University Hymn Book: for use in the chapel of Harvard university - Authors: Francis Greenwood Peabody, Warren Andrew Locke, Charles Frank Russell, Harvard University; Edition: 2; Publisher: The University, Date: 1896.
The Vestry Hymn and Tune Book - Author: Adoniram Judson Gordon, Publisher: H.A. Young, 1872.
The Voice Of Melody: a collection of sacred songs for the Sunday-school and young people's and other devotional meetings; Author: Edmund Simon Lorenz; Publisher: United Brethren Publishing House; Date: 1899.
The Voice of Thanksgiving, Issue 2 - 1916
The White Rribbon Hymnal, or, Echoes of the Crusade: Compiled for the National and World's Woman's Christian Temperance Unions - Compiled by: Anna Adams Gordon; Published by: Woman's Temperance Publishing Association, Date: 1892
Three Hundred and Fifty Portions of the Book of Psalms
Triumphant Songs, no. 1-, Issue 5 - Author - Edwin Othello Excell - Published: 1896


Victory Songs: a superior and varied collection of gospel songs and hymns ... By Samuel W. Beazley, James Hott Ruebush


Welcome Tidings: a new collection of sacred songs for the Sunday school. by Rev. Robert Lowry, W. Howard Doane and Ira D. Sankey; embracing new hymns and ...
Winning Songs: for use in meetings for Christian worship or work By John R. Sweney, William James Kirkpatrick, Henry Lake Gilmour; Publisher: J.J. Hood; Date: 1892.
Winnowed Songs For Sunday Schools - Edited and Compiled by Ira D. Sankey. - John Church Co., 1890.
Wreath of Praise. Author: Asa Hull: Publisher: D.W. Knowles, 1879.


Young People's Songs of Praise: especially adapted for use in young people's ... By Ira David Sankey