"But about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns unto God,
and the prisoners were listening to them;" - Acts 16:25

Welcome to Hymns Unto God!

A resource for public domain hymns
and hymns that are free to use

About This Site

Hymns unto God began in 2008 as a personal project to search for old public domain hymns and to reproduce them in a usable form for others to use. It has been my desire to transcribe hymns that are not usually found in modern hymn books used by the churches of Christ today. All the hymns found on this site are believed to be in the public domain or carry the Creative Commons type 3 or type 4 copyright or has a conditional copyright that allows for free use under certain conditions. This allows for free reproduction and use. It is my desire that these hymns will be found of some value to others and used in worship.

Within this site you will find PDF files of the completed hymns, the source files from the program used to write them with, and the midi files so that you can learn the melody of the hymns.

A Note About Arrangements

Being a personal project, I may, on occasion, offer a hymn as an arrangement. This is primarily due to verses that I have difficulty with if they do not appear to be scripturally sound. Such hymns will be identified as an arrangement next to the lyricist name.

For those who have objections to this, I will note that the authors original lyrics will be included in the source file. You can transfer the original lyrics for those used as the arrangement and run them back through the Mup program to get the original hymn.

It has always been my desire to worship God in a scriptural manner and I hope others share the same desire.

Midi Files

I originally considered not including the Midi files on this site. But after much thought I realized that there are a lot of people, such as myself, that cannot read music and pitch songs without some help.

In the New Testament, we are instructed to worship God by singing only, and not with instrumental music. Please understand that these Midi files does not give consent to instrumental music in worship. Singing and making melody with our hearts is what God desires (Eph.5:19). I have often encouraged people to worship God with the only musical instrument created by God, and that is our voices.

Hymn Format

All the hymns found on this site are formatted for 6x9 paper. This is the size of many song books used today. These hymns can also be printed on letter size paper.

And Finally. . .

And finally, I sincerely hope you enjoy what you find here and that it may be of some use to you as you worship God.


All the hymns on this site are thought to be in the public domain of the United States of America or carry the Creative Commons Type 3 or Type 4 copyright or has a conditional copyright that allows for free use under certain conditions. If there is any hymn or arrangement on this site that you know is under a restricted copyright, please contact me at this email address and it will be promptly removed. It is not my desire or intention to infringe on legitimate copyrights.

By downloading the files located on this site, you acknowledge that there is no copyright violation in your country of residence.